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Our tradition and our culture

The world stands on peace and integrity, secular, culture, democracy and its diversity. We are in the 21st century our culture and religions is different in different demographics. Highest privilege is given to the arts and traditions in all countries. In all religions music is varies from folk, classic, jazz, rock and etc.  Music is the only has no language barrier and also age. Music plays important role in functions it sounds for good ceremony as well as in bad ceremony.

Music classes for kids

Music is a great soul of your growing soul and all likes to learn different ways of expressing themselves like songs or musical instrument.  After the school activity or during the day singing and music classes are great things for your kids. In victoria endeavor hills has such a lovely range of music classes to suit all abilities.

You can pick it up at any age that is the great thing about music, it’s never late family music are here for you and your children to learn instruments. Family music studio offers a fantastic range of music classes for kids, kids piano classes, easy piano chord system, covering everything from piano, to singing playing the organ, kids piano classes and learning music theory.

Our tutors can teach your child individually or through group sessions with a personalized approach. We proudly offer classes at beginner, advanced and intermediate also we place an emphasis on helping our pupil progress on their own pace.

Adult piano classes

Family music studio makes learning as enjoyable as possible expert guidance to help creative talent. We are following the (AMEB) Australian music examination board syllabus also our classes take place in the welcoming environment. By our relaxed and comfortable atmosphere easily students can develop their musical skills and also their overall creativity and confidence.

We, the family music studio have the perfect choice, which would miss your opportunity, but always wanted to play instrument. For all age groups we help you to achieve your dream of playing the instrument.

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